This website is the work of myself, Frank van Oostendorp, and focuses on projects and articles that fall into a different category than my other websites. On Planetary Expedition I publish articles and information about traditional Dutch food that I miss and must make myself. Things that I notice about living abroad as a Dutch guy in Germany. And everyday travel stuff. Due to my interests, the topics can be broad to very specific.

Traditional Dutch food

Dutch food is near and dear to my heart, since I grew up with it, and always enjoyed it more when prepared correctly. The time of instant packets and prepackaged everything is over, and I love learning and practicing making as much as possible from scratch. From my first article on this site, my love for Balkenbrij, to everything I have planned to publish about.

Dutch food can be perceived as basic and boring, but in my opinion is wonderful, filling comfort food when prepared correctly. From the best technique to serve boiled potatoes (Yes, there is a difference!), to Snert (Pea soup), kroketten (croquettes), and much more. Many recipes are inspired by the cooking my grandmothers did, my mother did, and what I find in old Dutch cookbooks that I always look out for in second-hand stores.

Travel content

Travel is something that I always feared and looked up to, starting in my early twenties I forced myself out there on my own and went to England, Scotland, the United States, and more. On my own and with a backpack and not a lot of money, I hiked long-distance hiking trails and stayed on campsites, wild camped, and stayed in hostels, Airbnb’s, hotels, etc.

To be honest, I still get nervous sometimes about traveling, but I no longer fear it as much as I did in my early twenties. Travel content that does not fit into my hiking site HikeforPurpose.com can therefore find its home here on Planetary Expedition.

A Dutch guy in Germany

Germany is not the other side of the planet for a Dutch guy, I do however find many things different about German culture and way of doing things. And so am surprised sometimes by certain situations and things.

From cash being king in many places to traditional German humor, the Netherlands is close, but Dutch culture can sometimes be far away.

I moved to Germany (Nuremberg) for my wife, who is from there. We met on my travels in Spain and Portugal, walking the Portuguese Santiago de Compostella.

I hope you enjoy my content.